EPI – electronic advance notification of customs authorities about goods intended to be imported into the customs territory of the EEU.

The purpose of EPI is to optimize and speed up cargo clearance at the border.

The carrier (or a person acting on his behalf) importing goods into the customs territory of the EEU must submit an EPI in the prescribed form to the customs arrival authority.

EPI shall be submitted no later than 2 hours prior to the importation of goods into the customs territory of the EEU.

Preliminary information may not be provided in the case of importation of the vehicle of international transport without goods.

If, after registration of the EPI, the person who submitted such information reveals a discrepancy between the declared information and the information specified in the shipping documents, the EPI must be resubmitted before the goods arrive on the customs territory of the EEU.

EPI is submitted for each transport (transportation) document separately.

The customs body of arrival registers the submitted EPI (assigns an individual number) or refuses its registration in the manner and within the time limits determined in accordance with the current customs legislation.

Upon arrival at the border customs clearance point, the driver presents the EPI number to the customs authority. Using this number, an employee of the customs clearance point finds the notification submitted in advance with information about the transportation and imported goods, checks against the documents in the hands of the driver, and if there are no discrepancies, makes the clearance.


If the goods are transported under the TIR Carnet (Carnet TIR), the EPI can be formed in the TIR-EPD system by registering in advance.

The login and password are issued by the regional offices of the IRU (International Road Transport Union). In the Republic of Belarus it is BAMAP.

After registration, login and password are reported to the driver (this information is transmitted to our declarants during clearance) and we form EPI in a short time and at a nice price.

TransitServicePlus LLC offers services on EPI formation to all interested carriers.